A new year, a new blog

I’ve never been much of a blogger and I don’t intend to start now to be honest! I find Twitter to be a better medium for quick thoughts and questions.

I have wanted to rebuild and restart my blog for a very long time. The usual ‘Cobbler’s Children syndrome’ I guess. So with 2013 comes a new start and time to get through my personal to-do list.

I’m keeping things very simple here. A simple minimal responsive design built with a mobile first approach. No fluff just thoughts.

What is different this time around is how this site is built and where it’s hosted. Ditching Wordpress this time around, I have gone with Jekyll a static site generator. It’s so simple yet so powerful you can get it to do almost anything you desire. Hosting is through by Github pages and you can see the entire source code for the site on Github.

Let’s blog like it’s 2013!